Better urban living begins with us

Traffic congestion in Malaysia is legendary – and it is taking its toll on both the environment, and our psyche. Yusof Ghani takes a look at what can be done about it – and why fixing this problem is important.

Living with ‘managed float’ fuel prices

As of Dec 1, 2014, the retail price of petrol and diesel in Malaysia is fixed using the managed float mechanism. What does this mean to consumers and how close are we to having a fully deregulated market?

Transforming Agriculture

We seldom think about the effort that goes into producing Malaysia’s basic staple – rice. In this, the second of a trilogy of videos that explores rural tr

Transforming Education

Education – not only crucial to the development of an individual, it’s central enabling a society to progress. In our final chapter of a trilogy of videos

Transforming Rural Communities

Malaysia is full of hidden gems. This is the first of a trilogy of videos that explores the process of rural transformation of one of our jewels, Bario, a

Equality & Diversity Beyond 2020

We reach the third and final instalment examining “Sustainability and Inclusiveness Beyond 2020”. Previously we’ve looked at the economy and the environmen

Expats loving it in Malaysia, truly Asia

Working conditions that used to exist for expatriates in Malaysia nearly two decades ago is a far cry from how it is now, especially in light of the recent budget 2015 announcement.

Thyroid troubles

Depressed? Feeling sluggish? Suffering from mood swings and unable to lose weight? You could be suffering from thyroid disease, which is 10 times more likely to affect women than men.

Will you still remember me?

Alzheimer’s is a particularly cruel disease as it robs a person of memories, reason and dignity. My mother recently turned 76 and I am thankful I was able