Safe, green mobility

Malaysia needs a game-changer where sustainable transportation is concerned. Biofuels may be the answer.

Securing Malaysia’s energy needs

Malaysia needs to secure its energy needs if the country is to meet its socio-economic objectives, notes the oil, gas and energy 2014 NKEA annual report.

Staying the course and maintaining momentum

Malaysia has shown significant progress towards becoming a high-income nation since the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) was launched in October 2010. “ETP is moving in the right direction in encouraging private investment,” states RHB Research.

Financial Services to grow from strength to strength

The Financial Services National Key Economic Area (NKEA) exceeded its key performance indicator (KPI) targets for last year and remains on track to achieve its targets of growing the industry’s GNI contribution to RM180.2 billion and create 275,400 jobs by 2020.

ETP puts Malaysia on solid footing

The year 2014 was filled with tough challenges for Malaysia but the measures initiated under the Economic Transformation Programme in the last five years helped Malaysia deal with the difficulties with agility and confidence.

Mobility pricing for livable cities: A tough sell?

Imagine living in the city where the air is clean, the noise levels are low, and the traffic environment is safe. Look at Malaysian cities today and see the contrast. Worse, this ‘progress’ comes at the expense of much needed green space.