Aged Care in Malaysia


Malaysia’s aging population is something that cannot be ignored. The number of Malaysians aged 60 years and older is projected to increase to 3.4 million by 2020 or 9.9 percent of the total population. Compared to other developed countries, Malaysia currently has a relatively small social security net for retirees and aged senior citizens. What can we do to increase the standards of senior citizen living in Malaysia? What is the starting point? What are some successful business models out there?

We tackle the issue by asking two spokespersons on Aged Care Living. Ruth Welling is a registered nurse with many years of clinical and administrative experience in aged care. She is the co-partner of Optimum Aged Care Systems who specialise as consultants in resident care services documentation and funding in Australia.
Mark Walsh is the Director at Lightwave Architectural which is based in Australia. Lightwave Architectural has particular experience in master planning, supported living, education, multi-residential housing & resorts. Lightwave Architectural also specialises in creating Assisted Living Spaces that is designed around a central leisure centre which houses both communal resident facilities and administrative and support services for senior citizens.

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