Services sector response to liberalisation.

Clearly much work needs to be done to achieve the ambitious target of growing our services contribution to GDP from 55% today to 65% or more by 2020. Shaifubahrim Saleh, the President of the newly established Malaysian Service Providers Confederation shares an update of what is going on from where he sits. With seven million … Read moreServices sector response to liberalisation.

The Art of Big-Time Persuasion

There are critical moments in life when you need to persuade someone big-time. Maybe you’re interviewing for a dream job. Maybe you’re pitching for a mind-blowing contract. Or maybe you’re a three-year-old company, like Love on Wheels, trying to persuade the government to create a whole new industry called “mobile healthcare.” How do you enlist … Read moreThe Art of Big-Time Persuasion