As Cheryl Mohan slowly moves out from her wheelchair and sits down, there is a quiet air about her amidst the hustle and bustle of DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd’s staff café. Cheryl, who is a Communications Associate at DiGi, was part of the team that worked on the pre-employment training programme to assist disabled … Read more$$$ AND SENSE IN A PHYSICALLY-CHALLENGING WORLD

How To ‘Do’ Sustainability

Over the years, CSR Asia has delivered hundreds of training sessions, workshops and events, many at board level. One of the most frequently asked questions from board directors is ‘how to do sustainability?’. In other words, ‘where do we start?’. Here are some simple pointers. What’s the most important part when starting to “do” sustainability? … Read moreHow To ‘Do’ Sustainability

Changing Dynamics In Air Travel

International travel is set to grow 4 to 5 percent annually The dynamics in the world’s air travel sector is evolving. The distinction between low-cost and full-service carriers is diminishing with time. Both low cost airlines and full service airlines are being measured on similar set of parameters such as on time performance, baggage limits, … Read moreChanging Dynamics In Air Travel

Pinewood Iskandar Studios & Malaysia’s Film & TV Industry

Malaysians love going to the movies. Malaysia has gone from having 287 screens five years ago to 651 screens. Box office take last year was $194 million, double the level five years ago. However having said that, Malaysia only produced 51 films in 2011. What are some things we can do to take it to … Read morePinewood Iskandar Studios & Malaysia’s Film & TV Industry