Hungry to help society

‘Food For Good.’ The philosophy that fuels F&B entrepreneur Ronald Khoo’s recently launched Mango Chili restaurant reflects an encouraging trend that’s rising this year among Malaysian eateries: A hunger to give back to…

Barclays bullish on Malaysia

Barclays has been bullish about the Malaysian economy in the past 4-5 years and remains so despite plummeting oil prices, which has damped the nation’s growth outlook and drove the Ringgit to its…

Taking charge like an Olympian

At five foot two, Sheila Taormina could recount the many times she tried, failed, and was told to give up her dream to make the Olympic swimming team before finally taking home a…

Fighting inflation online

MYDreams1 was founded by chartered accountant and former model Ng Yee Han who wanted to find an easier way to look for special offers and good deals from various companies.

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The quiet art of being a good listener

Scott Cook spends much of his time coaching and mentoring colleagues as well as overseeing product performance reviews at Intuit, the financial software business he founded. But his biggest contribution to running the…

Taking ICT forward

Dato’ Yasmin Mahmood is one of the most dynamic leaders in Malaysia and a strong supporter of women empowerment, having left positive long lasting impact wherever she has been.

Transforming Education

Education – not only crucial to the development of an individual, it’s central enabling a society to progress. In our final chapter of a trilogy of videos exploring rural transformation, we look at…

Transforming Agriculture

We seldom think about the effort that goes into producing Malaysia’s basic staple – rice. In this, the second of a trilogy of videos that explores rural transformation, we look at how Bario,…

Transforming Rural Communities

Malaysia is full of hidden gems. This is the first of a trilogy of videos that explores the process of rural transformation of one of our jewels, Bario, a cluster of villages located…