Cracking the glass ceiling

More women are cracking the glass ceiling and entering managerial positions in Malaysia and that can only mean that policies encouraging gender diversity in the workplace are finally showing results.

From banking to cooking school

For many in the financial services line, becoming a general manager at a bank would be the pinnacle of one’s career. But Hellen Fong walked away from such a post with no regrets.…

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A guesthouse far off the beaten track

It appears eccentric – but intriguing – to open a guesthouse far off the beaten track in a village where there is little to do. Kamo House, a nostalgic, arty and quirky homestay…

A passion for tea

Interior architect-turned-tea specialist Sumita Singam has managed to turn her passion for tea into a successful business.

CAFTA: 5 Years On

And how the current era of South-South economic cooperation and prosperity is just the beginning of things to come.

Health and related businesses going mainstream

Today’s consumers are more aware of the importance of lifestyle trends that support their health and wellness than ever before. For food manufacturers and retailers, appealing to this heightened awareness is no longer…