Will you still remember me?

My mother recently turned 76 and I am thankful I was able to wish her well and, more importantly, that she still remembers who I am. For me, it’s a big deal that…

Can Ello challenge Facebook?

It is said that, in the world of tech, a nimble, new start up could eat an established giant’s lunch as it can do something far better than the incumbent.

Towards a standards-based approach in business

Standards do not just benefit manufacturers nor is it just about technical conformance. The application of standards and conformance even covers issues and aspects of protection of health, safety and the environment and…

DiGi makes the Net safe for all

How can companies ‘sell’ their corporate social responsibility (CSR) message in a relevant and effective way? In forthcoming weeks, Business Circle will be looking at how some companies are adopting a ‘think outside…

From hobby to career

Most of us fancy the notion of turning our passions or hobbies into a career. Two online entrepreneurs – who happen to be friends – share with us a little about their passions…

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Farm to Fork

  In this episode of Business Circle, we find out how sustainable the local food movement can be in Malaysia.

An app-titude for Maths

Two Malaysian technopreneurs have taken their competitive spirit and infused it into a fun yet intense mathematic game app with liberal sprinkles of magic called Mathgician.

Will the Apple Watch take off?

Smart watches are supposed to give the watch industry a much-needed fillip. Watches are far from obsolete and many people still wear them as accessories and fashion items. But in terms of utility,…