Captivating consumers in times of austerity

Anticipating higher cost of living ahead, Malaysian consumers are becoming increasingly cautious in their spending, and have developed more rigorous and aggressive coping mechanisms. While this may present challenges to brand owners and…

The accidental restaurateur

Some entrepreneurs know from the start what kind of business they want to be in. But some just fall into the business and end up sticking with it – like Andre Shum, who…

Enhancing economic resilience

In view of changes in the global economic landscape, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak yesterday announced a number of proactive measures to ensure Malaysia’s growth, development and deficit ambitions remain on track.

TALKING HEADS EP2: Passionate About Rubbers

In the second episode of “Talking Heads” an intimate and insightful conversation on the challenge of taking your business to the global stage, we meet two leaders from the Malaysian Rubber industry. Lee…

Rubber, never a sunset industry

Fueled by a growing global population and increasing demand for rubber-based products, Malaysia’s rubber industry remains a key area of economic contribution.

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In search of the flexible-working utopia

It is a truism that asset management is a people industry, where talent is the most important resource. But the industry (like the wider financial services sector) is wasteful in its approach to…

Feeling the wealth

During the recent ETP Talkback Thursday, we discussed the following topic : “The country is  becoming wealthier and there’s change taking place. But are you satisfied with the economic direction of the country?…