A permanent Malaysian pop-up store

Budding entrepreneurs often use weekend bazaars to flog their wares. But that can be taxing and back-breaking. Yet, they can’t afford to open a permanent store. Enter Pop, the bridge between bazaars and…

Advice for the second machine age

Anxiety about the rapidly changing world of work - from robots to the growth of freelancing - is high. The threat of automation is no longer restricted to assembly lines, and is causing…

A Mega Store for a Mega Need!

Shopping for a mobile phone will never be the same again thanks to a new mega store that hopes to be the one-stop center for a device we can no longer live without.

Bringing the TED experience here

There are probably very few Malaysians - if any at all - who have actually experienced a TED conference. Meet Daniel Cerventus Lim, the person who first brought TEDx to Malaysia.

Making our cities an engine of growth

In the intense global competition for talent, a city’s liveability can be the determining factor in drawing investments and talent. Think City has the tough job of turning Kuala Lumpur into a city…

Into Africa, the next frontier for palm oil

Africa is poised to be the next frontier for palm oil as Malaysian plantation giants seek suitable land for expansion. Its organised plantation sector, conducive climate and large markets make it an attractive…

Building a society of creators

Kal Joffres had originally moved from Canada to Malaysia to work for Khazanah Nasional to help foster the growth of creative industry clusters. Now he is into social entrepreneurship.

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Cracking the glass ceiling

More women are cracking the glass ceiling and entering managerial positions in Malaysia and that can only mean that policies encouraging gender diversity in the workplace are finally showing results.

From banking to cooking school

For many in the financial services line, becoming a general manager at a bank would be the pinnacle of one’s career. But Hellen Fong walked away from such a post with no regrets.…