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July 25.1

Secret passions simmer in supper clubs

Like many office-bound employees, Eddy Kwong looks forward to Fridays – in his case, because he can swap his corporate clothes for a chef’s apron every weekend. Despite having a full-time job as a marketing officer, Kwong also operates a home-based supper club, welcoming strangers into his Sri Petaling apartment to taste his family’s cooking on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Chow Kit Re-Imagined

Chow Kit Re-Imagined

It’s hard to overstate the importance of cities to the success of nations in the future. Innovation happens in cities,it’s where people meet and exchange ideas, where people work and businesses flourish, cities are where life happens. How the city […]

July 24.1

Top 3 car productivity devices

It’s not easy working from your car but here are three absolutely crucial devices that will make working from your car both efficient and productive.

BC July 23.1

Closing the gap to high income nation

Malaysia has breached the US$10,000 GNI per capita mark last year, further closing the gap to the high-income threshold. If the momentum continues, we expect to breach this threshold in 2017.

BC Jul 22.1

Laughter is good for business!

The Effing Show, a satirical comedy show that has become an Internet sensation, has just celebrated its 100th episode. Not just that, it has also grown so exponentially that it’s created a whole host of career opportunities for the creative force behind it.