Heritage Business

In this episode of Business Circle, we take a look at how the locals preserve the country’s heritage while making a business out of it. For more on Shaping Malaysia’s Marketplace head to

The importance of checks and balances

In Malaysia’s single-minded quest to become a high-income nation, certain elements of a mature democracy, such as an independent judiciary and respect for the Federal Constitution as the supreme rule of law, must…

Old dog, new tricks!

At the beginning of the year, R&B superstar Beyonce stunned everyone by launching her album without any prior notice or fanfare. Now, veteran artiste Weird Al Yankovic has also evolved with the times.

TNT Express Malaysia goes big on med

In January, TNT Express Malaysia opened the doors to its RM7.5 million Med Tech Centre, a medical warehouse and distribution centre boosting a full-fledged world class range of specialised distribution solutions. Armed with…

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Once Upon a Time in Malaysia

Stories give us a sense of who we are and where we’re headed. In this episode Uma and Kam go in search of the Malaysian story. They speak to both fiction and non…